10 signs you should DIY your honeymoon

  1. Price reigns most important to you—above quality, convenience, service, comfort and security.
  2. You know exactly where you want to go and aren’t looking for any input, advice or guidance.
  3. You hate paying your accountant, mechanic, pet sitter, lawyer and any other person who provides a professional service. (Travel consultants charge fees for their time and talent, just like all these folks!)
  4. You love to spend dozens of hours piecing together itineraries on your own.
  5. You also enjoy being on hold on the phone, especially with airlines when you need to make a change to a booking.
  6. Your desired destination? Yeah, you’ve already been there. Seven times. And you plan to do exactly what you’ve done every time before.
  7. You put your full trust in nameless, faceless reviews online.
  8. You think a vacay sounds great in theory, but you’re not actually committed to taking one.
  9. You’ve always wanted to be the star of a story like this: Expedia Horror Story.
  10. You’re a convict on the run and need a private jet pronto.