Design Fees Q&A


Why do you charge a design fee?

You would never choose to work with your wedding photographer and anticipate only paying for tangible products after the fact, such as a beautiful photo book or hanging wall canvas. You would expect to pay your photographer for his or her time, talent, resources, and expertise—which includes specialized knowledge like knowing exactly what time of day provides the softest light for the most romantic photos and at what angle best captures the joy on your soon-to-be spouse’s face when he or she locks eyes with you for the first time.

When you opt to work with Smitten Honeymoons, you are not just paying for the end travel product. You are paying for the many benefits of working with a professional, including effortless planning and travel, exclusive perks, and peace of mind that your honeymoon has been designed with you in mind for a truly made-to-order experience.

Just as a photographer spends much time preparing for your wedding, taking photos that day, and later importing, editing and creating galleries, we devote hours to researching, designing, refining, and confirming every aspect of your honeymoon.

In other words, Smitten Honeymoons charges design fees for the same reason that photographers, and other professionals, charge fees: We value our time, talent, resources, and expertise.

What does the design fee cover?

At a glance, our design fee covers:

  • Travel research for your made-to-order honeymoon.
  • A custom honeymoon quote, based on your answers to our travel design questionnaire and research.
  • Refinement of your honeymoon design until it is perfect.
  • All necessary reservations for the varying components of your itinerary.
  • Destination notification that you are traveling as VIP clients.
  • All necessary travel documents prior to departure.
  • Personalized travel information, tips, and other support specific to your destination and honeymoon design.

How much is the design fee?

Our design fee starts at $250 dollars, and is based on the extent of services required to make your dream honeymoon a reality. For example, a seven-night itinerary often requires less time and fewer resources to design than a 21-night itinerary.

When is the design fee due?

Once we have reviewed your answers to our travel design questionnaire and determined that Smitten Honeymoons is a good fit for your needs, we will request you sign an electronic contract and pay our design fee. In other words, our design fee is due before in-depth work begins on your itinerary.

Can the design fee be applied to the balance of my honeymoon?

The design fee is separate from the price of your honeymoon, and covers the cost of your travel research, design, and more. Please see above questions and answers.