9 ways to make your honeymoon extra special

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A personalized honeymoon is a way to recognize that your love story is unique. Your love story matters. Your love story deserves celebrating. No matter what your perfect itinerary looks like, there are some universal ways any couple can ensure their honeymoon is extraordinary. Here are nine of my favorites.

Order breakfast in bed.

After a whirlwind season of wedding planning, pop the bubbly in bed and pour a mimosa … or two. Starting your day in such a leisurely way, especially early in your vacay, can help set the tone for a honeymoon that’s romantic and relaxing—the two words I most often hear brides use to describe their dream honeymoon.

Make a honeymoon playlist.

Capture some of the magic of your honeymoon for a lifetime to come by making a playlist prior to your departure. Prepping some songs means you’ll have music to enjoy en route to your destination or in your room, and, more importantly, guarantees every time you hear a track from your playlist in the future you’ll be transported back to your honeymoon.

Enjoy an authentic meal.

There’s no faster—or more delicious—way to gain a better understanding of a destination than by tasting your way to it. Food connects, inspires, celebrates and can serve as an aphrodisiac. On a vacation that’s all about intimacy, dig in! As a bonus, you and the love of your life can recreate the meal for years afterward—re-living a piece of your honeymoon on date nights for decades to come.


If you ask any couple in the month or two before their wedding what they’re most looking forward to about tying the knot, their honeymoon almost always rises to the top. Why? As much as everyone loves a wedding, the planning often exhausts couples. Recoup on your honeymoon with a nap or two as newlyweds—especially if your destination requires a long-haul flight halfway around the world. Cuddles are encouraged.

Write each other a letter.

In a quiet moment on your honeymoon, write your new husband or wife a letter. Whether you record a favorite memory from your trip or dive deeper, put pen to paper and scribble some thoughts. When you’re done, stash the letter in your suitcase until your one-year anniversary vacay, at which point you can share your notes with each other and remember some of the best moments from the start of your happily-ever-after. Repeat the process year-after-year, anniversary after anniversary.

Share your honeymoon status.

You get one honeymoon. Uno. Un. Eine. Um. Een. Moja. Play up the honeymoon card on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Seriously. Other travelers and locals alike are going to jump at the chance to share in your honeymoon happiness. When they ask you what you’re celebrating, tell them! Your answer may end up translating into gifts of Champagne or preferential seats in restaurants. Love is contagious. Don’t be shy about sharing yours.

Watch a sunrise.

Whether you’re an early riser or prefer noon brunch, witnessing the dawn of a new day can be spellbinding—infinitely more so when you’re tangled up with the love of your life. Set your alarm for early morning at least once on your honeymoon. To make the experience even more special, consider arranging an early morning picnic to enjoy while the rising sun paints the sky pink.

Turn off your phone.

Prioritize your precious honeymoon time together by honoring the start of your marriage with your full attention (i.e., limit your cellphone use). This can be easier said than done. To help, agree on a few minutes of phone time at a predetermined hour every day to limit distractions. If your phone doubles as your camera, turn it on airplane mode when you depart for paradise and don’t flip it off airplane mode until you return home.


C’mon, it’s your honeymoon, after all.

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