Hidden honeymoon expenses


When you think of setting your honeymoon budget, the two main expenses that likely come to mind are your accommodations and airfare. How much you decide to invest on these big-ticket items largely shapes your honeymoon heaven, but there are additional costs paramount to consider when deciding what you’re comfortable spending on your first adventure as newlyweds.

Discussing the following expenses at the outset of planning your honeymoon can help prevent any financial surprises down the road, and ensure that your vacation fulfills all your dreams.

Room categories

When you think about your honeymoon, do you envision lazy days spent lounging in a private plunge pool on the oceanfront balcony of your suite, or do you and your new spouse jet out of your room every morning for another adventure as soon as you’ve had your morning coffee?

This matters because how much time you spend in your room may help you decide whether to splurge or save on where you stay within your resort. Locations with the best views often cost hundreds—even thousands—of dollars more per night than less sought-after garden- or tropical-view rooms.

Therefore, if you’re not someone who cares about having panoramic sunsets from your own verandah—or simply don’t spend enough time in your room to justify the expense—then you might prefer to put the extra money toward some of your bucket-list adventures.

Bucket-list adventures

While some people want nothing more than to relax and soak up the sun on their honeymoon, others use the once-in-a-lifetime vacation to cross as many items off their bucket list as possible. If you’re one of these travelers, it’s worth noting that these experiences will likely carry expenses separate from the cost of your accommodations and airfare.

When your honeymoon dreams include days and nights filled with chauffeured wine tastings, helicopter rides to private-island picnics, sundowners on safari, or any other number of extraordinary opportunities abroad, you’ll want to consider the price of these things when setting your budget.

Culinary pursuits

For couples who opt for an all-inclusive honeymoon, the cost of culinary pursuits may not be as important of an item to budget for separately since many meals will be included, but—even at these types of resorts—some extraordinary dining options incur supplemental charges.

Regardless of whether you’re staying somewhere that offers a meal and/or drink plan, taking time to talk about the types of dining experiences you desire can make all the difference.

For example, Michelin-rated dining every night and private gourmet meals carry vastly different price tags than seeking out the best local island bar. Accounting for the dining options you prefer can help make sure you—and your stomach—honeymoon happily.

Travel tip: Because room categories, excursions, and food all vary greatly in price based on destinations, your travel consultant can help you understand what you need to realistically set aside to make your desired experiences a reality on your honeymoon.

What is most important to you on your honeymoon: 1) Your room 2) Fulfilling a bucket-list experience 3) The food?