Can I still honeymoon in the Caribbean? YES!

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When hurricanes Irma and Maria roared through the Caribbean last month, they left swaths of destruction in their wakes—devastating some islands and wreaking havoc on the lives of the people who call the islands home.

Because a number of the islands affected by the hurricanes welcomed thousands of visitors every year, it’s no surprise that the intense acts of nature have not only uprooted the lives of residents, but have also impacted many people’s travel plans.

While the most severely damaged islands are focusing simply on surviving—and eventually rebuilding—some of the resorts on them have been closed indefinitely. Others that were only minimally affected by the massive storms are on shorter, months-long hiatuses from pampering guests (or have already reopened after being closed several days or weeks). Still, many more islands escaped the wrath or Irma and Maria altogether and have been carrying on business as usual.

All of this is to say, yes, some beloved Caribbean honeymoon heavens are off limits right now (think St. Barts and St. John), but many more remain in pristine condition—idyllic gems made for romance.

If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean honeymoon but aren’t sure what options still exist after such unprecedented weather this fall, the maps below illustrate the paths Irma and Maria took. They illuminate what countries were most affected by the hurricanes and what ones escaped untouched.

Magenta markers: Islands that suffered devastation.

Teal markers: Islands that experienced some damage but are largely operating as usual or likely will be within months.

Coral markers: Islands unaffected by hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Travel tip: If you’re unsure if your dream honeymoon destination suffered damage from hurricane Irma or Maria, reach out to your honeymoon consultant for guidance. If it was affected, he or she can help you better understand whether it may be a travel option for your honeymoon dates or can help you find a comparable—and just as dreamy—second option. If your destination was not impacted, your honeymoon consultant can help design you an unforgettable travel experience worthy of the incredibly special moment you and your future husband and wife will soon be celebrating.

If you could honeymoon anywhere in the Caribbean, what island would you choose?

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Magenta markers: Islands devastated by hurricanes Irma and/or Maria; Teal markers: Islands minimally affected; Coral: Islands unaffected.

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