Honeymoon hack: skip every line at the eiffel tower

Honeymoon in Paris at Le Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower

Note: Le Jules Verne will be closed from September 2018 through early 2019 for renovations, opening in the spring more fabulous than ever and ready to welcome guests again.

“All those people are seriously waiting in line for tickets?” Mr. Smitten asked.

We’d just navigated the construction around the base of the Eiffel Tower and located the private lift that would whisk us up to Le Jules Verne, a Michelin Star awarded restaurant one story up from the monument’s second level observation deck.

“And then they’ll move over to that line,” I said, “to wait for a lift.”

It’s no secret that scaling Eiffel Tower is a highlight for thousands of people every year in Paris—or that it can literally take hours of standing around, sometimes in 90-degree heat, to cross the experience off your honeymoon bucket list.

The good news?

There is a memorable way to get around passing any time in any lines at all, even the shorter ones that honeymooners with “skip-the-line” access (tickets you can purchase in advance with a pre-determined entrance time on them) often endure while waiting for a lift to the top.

Even better? This Eiffel-Tower hack is a perfectly romantic addition to any honeymoon itinerary:

Book a table at Le Jules Verne!

Mr. Smitten, my sis, her hubby and I were lucky enough to enjoy lunch at the restaurant on our last day in Paris before we hopped on the high-speed rail to Amsterdam. Full disclosure: the food didn’t knock my socks off, per say, but the presentation of each course, our view of Paris below us and the service we received blew me away. Oh—and the immediate access up the Eiffel Tower on a private elevator didn’t hurt, either.

Here were my highlights:

The lift. Seriously, love bugs, even if we hadn’t enjoyed lunch at Le Jules Verne as much as we did, our reservation still would have been worth it to avoid the masses waiting in line for the Eiffel Tower’s public lifts. Doubly so since the temperature was hot, hot, hot on the day we visited. We arrived. We boarded the elevator. We enjoyed amazing views. Easy peasy.

The food (presentation). If you want to see some gorgeous dishes, you’ll find ‘em at Le Jules Verne. I don’t think the pictures quite do them justice, but I’ll let you see for yourself. (Also, I forgot to snap a photo of one or two of the courses…)

The view. We were treated to a window table upon our arrival, which meant we had incredible, unobstructed views of Paris below. If at all possible, I wholeheartedly recommend requesting a window seat or asking your honeymoon consultant to request one for you. Tip: You can guarantee yourself a window seat WITH a Trocadero view with some dinner reservations; ask your honeymoon consultant for details!

The service: Mind reading might very well be required to work at Le Jules Verne. The staff was always one step ahead, anticipating our every want and making the experience that much more effortless and enjoyable.

Champagne nearly 400 feet above Paris. Bubbly? The Eiffel Tower? Bubbly on the Eiffel Tower? Yes and yes.

Make the most of your honeymoon reservation at Le Jules verne

Dining at Le Jules Verne is an experience you won't forget. Make the most of it by keeping this important point in mind prior to your honeymoon lunch or dinner:

The restaurant dress code is smart casual and is enforced. Sportswear such as t-shirts, shorts and tennis shoes are not accepted. (Side note: You will feel out of place in "casual" clothes, as most of the guests we encountered were much more dressed up, even for lunch. This said, men can draw the line at wearing a tie, which is not required.)

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