How to honeymoon like a royal


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement has had people abuzz since November, when the beautiful couple announced their upcoming wedding. Who will the future duchess choose to design her wedding gown? Will Meghan’s beloved pups make an appearance? Where will the royal couple honeymoon?

Naturally, this latter question is one of the most intriguing for me, and I imagine for any travel designer more generally. No matter what honeymoon heaven the future duke and duchess choose, it will surely be exclusive, exotic, and a perfect representation of their relationship.

Whether your wedding-day accessories include a crown borrowed to you from Queen Elizabeth herself—such as the 1936 Cartier tiara that sparkled atop Kate Middleton’s head—or if the last time you wore a crown was for your sixth Halloween, here’s how you can honeymoon like a royal, too.

Make sure your destination is exclusive.

When Prince William and Kate honeymooned in 2011, they (understandably) kept their destination on lockdown. Very few people knew that they’d jetted off to the Seychelles—a stunning archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean—until after the newlyweds had returned. Even today, details of their honeymoon remain vague. However, it’s rumored they enjoyed a 10-day respite on the ultra-exclusive North Island. This slice of paradise is home to just 11 villas, and is known for its “barefoot luxury”—a melding of opulence, simplicity and environmental awareness.

Choosing an exclusive destination, like North Island, ensures privacy, as well as makes a honeymoon feel that much more extraordinary and luxurious—all of which are strict requirements when you’re an heir to the throne of England.

Make sure your destination is exotic.

Choosing a destination off the beaten path, such as North Island, can make a honeymoon more memorable. It’s an adventure just to reach your faraway dreamland, not to mention all the new things you get to experience with the love of your life: delicious food, thrilling excursions, lavish pampering, intriguing cultures, etc.

For example, on North Island guests can partake in everything from visiting local villages to enjoying bespoke romantic picnics anywhere on the island—and everything in between. These out-of-the-ordinary moments create new shared memories, elevating a honeymoon and bonding you even more as husband and wife.

Make sure your destination reflects your relationship.

If you choose an exclusive and exotic destination, you’re two-thirds of the way to honeymooning like a queen (or king). The third ingredient, however, may be the most crucial: Choose a destination that both you and your future hubby or wife are over-the-moon excited about. This might mean you opt for a location that has ranked high on both of your bucket lists for years, or that you choose a place that has significant meaning to your relationship.

For example, William and Kate had visited the Seychelles together while dating in 2007, making it a destination that both likely hold near and dear to their hearts.

Making sure your honeymoon destination suits both you and your soon-to-be spouse helps ensure the perfect beginning to your happily-ever-after—a vacation that you’ll relive through memories for decades to come.

(Photos courtesy of North Island)

What exclusive and exotic destination do you think best reflects your relationship? I'd love to hear why!