Easily overlooked honeymoon essentials

Honeymoon Packing Tips

There are a handful of no-brainers when it comes to packing for your honeymoon—items that you so obviously need to bring you don’t think twice about whether they deserve a coveted spot in your suitcase.

Passport? Cellphone charger? Swimsuit? Check, check and check.

Other items, however, are easier to overlook. Depending on your honeymoon destination, remembering these five things can make a world of difference.

A copy of your passport

No couple plans—or expects—to lose their passport, wallet or other travel documents. Unfortunately, it can happen. Having a photocopy of your passport information safely tucked away in your suitcase can make the process of replacing yours abroad much easier. If yours does go missing, click here for all the details about how to navigate the necessary steps to get home.

Power adapter

Outlets in most countries outside of the United States require plug-ins shaped differently from those in the US. They also provide different voltages. For example, appliances in Europe run on 220 volts, compared to those in the US that need 110 volts. In other words, if you have electronics that need to be plugged in while you’re traveling, you’ll want to bring an adapter on your honeymoon. Many hotels have these available for guests who forget to pack one, but if you want to ensure you’re able to use your electronics swing by Target (or your fave store) and snag one before you leave.

Reusable water bottle

Indoor humidity levels range from 40 to 60 percent. The levels inside an airplane? They often hover at 12 percent, which is lower than in Death Valley and the Sahara Desert. If you tend to feel dehydrated every time you travel, or suffer from itchy eyes, headaches, tiredness, etc., increasing your water intake can help. One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re consuming enough H2O is to pack a reusable water bottle in your carry-on. Fill it up after you pass through security to help you keep sipping throughout your flight—and feel better the entire day. (Yes, I’m such a believer in this that I dedicated a whole blog post to this topic.)

Wireless cellphone charger

Confession time: On my recent trip to Hawaii, I forgot this item! Thankfully, a colleague was kind enough to let me borrow her wireless charger while we were out and about so I could charge my phone and continue to take photos, etc. When you’re traveling all day, often in areas that don’t have the best cell services (think mountains in Hawaii or sleepy little towns in the Italian countryside), your cell battery can drain quickly. Stay powered up by tossing a wireless charger in your bag—especially if your phone is your main camera. I HATE missing out on a photo op because my phone is dead.

Laundry bag

If you’re a messy packer, or your luggage tends to become disorganized after a day or two in your destination, pack a small laundry bag to help keep your clean and dirty pieces separate. No surprise, some of my fave bags for lingerie and accessories are these Kate Spade beauties.

What other easily overlooked items do you think are essential to pack for your honeymoon?