2 steps to your dream honeymoon


Like everything in life, when it comes to planning honeymoons two is always better than one! What do I mean by this? Well, the best ideas and, consequently, the most incredible travel experiences emerge from partnerships in which BOTH the travel consultant and the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. are actively engaged.

If you’ve never worked with a travel professional before, you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about. After all, isn’t one of the reasons you seek professional travel help so that you don’t have to be committed to the planning process? In short, YES!

To clarify, I don’t mean that you should be invested in the “planning” (i.e. researching, designing, reserving—these things are your consultant’s responsibilities), but you do need to be committed to the “process” to wind up with a honeymoon that surpasses all your travel dreams.

Here are two ways you can commit to the process and maximize your experience working with a travel professional:

Trust Fall

While hiring a honeymoon consultant comes with many perks—including freeing you from the stress of planning your dream vacation on top of your perfect wedding—one of the greatest benefits is having someone to lean on for professional travel advice. Moreover, if you’re working with a honeymoon specialist, you can rest assured that two of the most important things in her life are 1. relationships and 2. travel. Her passion for these things means that she is going to do everything within her power to ensure your happily-ever-after begins with an extraordinary adventure made for romance.

Trust that she has your best interests at heart.

For example, if your honeymoon consultant recommends a different flight with a slightly longer connection time that also costs just a bit more money, trust that it’s because she wants nothing more than for you to reach your honeymoon heaven sans a missed connection—not because the flight has a higher price tag. (I promise she is making zero money off of recommending the more costly airfare; on the other hand, getting through JFK or ATL with a 50-minute connection is asking for a honeymoon-departure headache.)

Alternately, if your consultant suggests a resort option for you that falls closer to your maximum budget than your minimum, trust that it’s because the resort’s superior service, extra amenities and coveted location will literally make your jaw drop. Finding you the best value is a priority, but not when it comes with a risk of shady accommodations.

Approaching the honeymoon planning process with skepticism runs counter to all the reasons why most people hire a honeymoon specialist. If you find that you’re questioning the motive behind every travel recommendation you receive, a DIY vacation may be a better fit for you.

In other words, committing to the process means choosing to trust your travel professional.

Provide Feedback

Given the above, it’s important to note that trusting your honeymoon consultant is not synonymous with accepting every recommendation that comes your way. Indeed, one of the best ways to ensure your honeymoon exceeds your expectations is to provide honest feedback on the travel proposals you receive.

No matter how many questions your honeymoon consultant asks you, if the communication is only-one way, you’re likely not going to get what you desire—at least not 100 percent. (Reading minds would be amazing, but…)

For example, if you love a resort in your proposed honeymoon design but aren’t crazy about its beach, tell your honeymoon consultant! This is valuable information and, ideally, will help her present you with the perfect option or a creative solution. Maybe this means finding another equally stunning property with a more suitable beach for you. Or, if you truly, madly, deeply love the initial resort proposed, a compromise could include planning a day-trip or two to a nearby beach that you are head over heels for—the best of both worlds.

Offering thoughtful (i.e. detailed feedback) about what parts of an itinerary you adore and what sections miss the mark makes all the difference in whether you see an end design that knocks your socks off.

When you comment honestly—and trust your honeymoon consultant to work her magic—you and the love of your life are bound to embark on the most incredible vacation of your life.

What do you most want to know about working with a travel professional? Leave me a comment below!