wow your hubby or wife on your honeymoon

4 steps to wow on your honeymoon

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of “surprise” honeymoons, where one half of a couple is charged with planning everything and keeping it all a secret—including the destination. This is mostly because the honeymoon is such a significant vacation, and I cringe at the thought of there being unmet expectations between brides and grooms when it comes to how to spend the start of their happily-ever-after.

On the other hand, what I am 1,000 percent in love with?

Couples creating smaller surprises for each other throughout their honeymoon, which makes space for memorable, thoughtful moments without the same risks inherent with keeping the entire vacation a surprise!

Here are four ideas to get you started and hopefully spark some creativity that’ll wow the love of your love.

Elevate your husband’s or wife’s bucket list honeymoon experience.

When you’re working on your overall honeymoon itinerary, find out what reigns top on your soon-to-be spouse’s bucket list. Is it hot air ballooning in Tuscany? A safari in South Africa? A helicopter ride above Kauai? No matter what the honeymoon activity is, make sure it gets scheduled. Then, find ways to elevate the moment beyond your partner’s wildest dreams. Think private champagne picnics with locally sourced ingredients, coveted sunset or sunrise time slots, fireworks, music and so much more.

Write a love letter.

On the plane ride to your destination (or while your husband or wife is napping or out of the room), take time to handwrite a love letter to him or her. Once you’re finished, leave the note somewhere in your room where he or she will easily find it, such as on their pillow or on the bathroom vanity. Not sure what to write about? Tell your husband or wife how you felt when you first locked eyes with him or her on your wedding day, what you felt during your ceremony or what your favorite moment was celebrating saying “I do.”

Orchestrate an entire honeymoon day, rather than the whole trip.

If you have an itch to plan a surprise honeymoon, one way to compromise is to task each person with planning one day instead of the whole trip—and to keep your plans a secret from the other person until it’s go-time. You could each agree to create your dream day (an easy way to manage expectations), or you could challenge each other to try to plan the other person’s ideal 24 hours. In either case, you may want to work with a honeymoon consultant to be sure you’re not both planning similar—or the same—experiences!

Schedule a photoshoot.

Just like your wedding day, your honeymoon is bound to be unforgettable. Ensure you return home with more than just selfies to remember it by via a fun, professional photoshoot. (Services like Flytographer are awesome and make scheduling time slots around the world easy peasy). A word of caution, however: let your hubby or wife in on this surprise a couple days early, especially if you think they’ll want time to pick out their outfit and be able to make sure they’re feeling ready for photos (i.e., they’ve been able to wash the saltwater out of their hair and the sand off their feet).

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