Smitten Spotlight


Kokomo Private Island


Property: Kokomo Private Island

Region: Fiji’s Kadavu Island Group

Resort size: 21 beachside villas, 5 hilltop residences and a beachfront residence

Flight time: Getting to Kokomo Private Island requires a 4-hour flight from Minneapolis or Chicago to Los Angeles, followed by 11 hours from Los Angles to Nadi Airport in Fiji. From there, Kokomo can be reached by a 45-minute flight on a twin-otter seaplane or helicopter.

Why I’m smitten: Anyone who has worked with me before knows I’m a fan of adjectives. (Thank you, master’s degree in Literature and Language from a previous life.) As such, one of my favorite questions to ask clients when I start designing their dream vacation is what two words could be used to describe the vibe of their perfect honeymoon (as well as what two words characterize the vibe they most want to avoid). This simple question can reveal a lot about a couple’s travel desires. So why do I bring this up now? Because one of my favorite combinations applies to Kokomo Private Island: barefoot and luxurious!

This new resort, which opened in March 2017, is laid back yet elegant—the best of both worlds. From its indulgent villas, which all boast their own private infinity pool and walled garden, to its complimentary butler service for all guests, Kokomo oozes modern luxury. This, coupled with the island’s remote location in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, makes the private island paradise a serious honeymoon heaven.

Travel tip: With nearly 140 acres of private island—all of which are encircled by the Great Astrolabe Reef—take advantage of this untouched beauty by exploring land and sea with Kokomo’s complimentary snorkeling equipment and walking trails. Be warned, however: Prepare for unparalleled beauty! Even better, Kokomo’s gourmet chefs (the resort routinely invites some of the world’s most highly regarded to wow its guests) will pack you a picnic to enjoy on your newlywed adventure in paradise!

(Photos courtesy of Kokomo Private Island)