I changed my mind about this honeymoon destination

Mexico Honeymoon

Love bugs, I feel kind of bad about what I’m about to share.

When Mr. Smitten and I were considering honeymoon destinations, I didn’t even give Mexico a glance. In my mind at the time, doing so would result in a honeymoon filled with everything I didn’t want: mega resorts, drunken college kids and loud music that thumped from dusk to dawn. All I’d ever really known it as was a vacay hotspot for spring breakers.

Thankfully, a trip to the country last year set me straight—gifted me a new understanding—in the powerful yet subtle way that travel so often transforms us. As I was talking with some clients recently about potential “engagemoons”—essentially a mini version of a honeymoon to destress from wedding planning—the idea of a long weekend in Mexico came up. Ever since, I’ve been dreaming about returning. Here’s why:

Easy peasy travel.

Mexico is easy to reach from almost any corner of the United States, with direct flights galore during peak travel seasons (most of which are only several hours max). Fewer minutes on a plane means more time with my toes in the sand.

I love (good) food.

Typing this next little bit also makes me blush with embarrassment, but before visiting Mexico I had this preconceived idea that the food would be subpar. (After all, did spring breakers really prioritize farm-to-table dishes?) Now older (and wiser), I realize how wrong I was. In fact, nowadays I would almost book a flight to the Riviera Maya just to enjoy the gourmet tacos at OllaTaco at the Andaz Mayakoba. And eat them poolside. Every single day.

Color makes me happy.

I own a yellow dress printed with puppies, a rose gold sequin skirt, a green polka dot dress and many other, err, bold pieces of apparel. In other words, I love patterns, colors and things that make a statement. From cerulean water to festive murals, the country is so, so, so vibrant, making a statement around every corner.

Plush beds and boutique hotels.

Sure, you guys, there are plenty of places in Mexico that are perfect for rowdy spring breakers. There also are the most luxe accommodations that will make your heart skip a beat. You know, the kind ideal for relaxing, pampering and romancing. Don’t believe me? Check out the “related content” below for inspiration.

Variety is the spice of honeymoons (and all vacays).

I’m a beach girl. I have zero problems parking my bum under an umbrella and reading the day away on a vacay. That is, up until a point. After a few days, I feel the itch to explore and get to know my destination in a way that’s not possible by staying put for seven days straight. With ancient ruins to top-notch snorkeling, Mexico manages to fulfill my dreams of bumming it on the beach and adventuring in the jungle.

Overwater bungalows.

Yes, they're a real thing in Mexico—and they're gorgeous. See photo below on the far right!

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