WIN the sweetest little honeymoon accessory

Photography:  Jose Villa  and  Joel Serrato  // Styling:  MaeMae Co. ,  Kaleb Norman James  and  Grey Likes Weddings  // Flowers:  Anna Le Pley Taylor  // Diamond rings:  Mars Fine Jewelry  // Colored rings by:  Mae Jean Vintage

Photography: Jose Villa and Joel Serrato // Styling: MaeMae Co.Kaleb Norman James and Grey Likes Weddings // Flowers: Anna Le Pley Taylor // Diamond rings: Mars Fine Jewelry // Colored rings by: Mae Jean Vintage

When the hubby and I got married, we had a semi-destination wedding. The location was remote, a beautiful home five hours away on 360 acres of forest on the shore of Lake Superior.

Having picked such a unique and, admittedly, difficult spot to get to (no cell reception meant no GPS during what would be the coldest snap of the year), we decided to create a wedding weekend for our guests, inviting them to stay on the property with us for several days of merriment.

It was magical—but it also meant that since we would be leaving for our honeymoon BEFORE returning home, we needed to pack everything for our wedding and honeymoon prior to departing for the northwoods.

Cue the obsessive list making.

Miraculously, we somehow managed to pack all the items we needed for our rehearsal, ceremony, post-wedding stay, and honeymoon.

Well, almost everything.

There is one accessory that I missed having on our honeymoon, though I’m not sure that I can say I forgot to bring it since it never even crossed my mind to pack it: A ring box!

Three days into our honeymoon, I was snorkeling on the Belize Barrier Reef and paying one-third attention to the unbelievable world bustling beneath the cerulean sea, one-third attention to not getting swept over the wave break where the reef met the deep sea (okay, I’m being dramatic here—it wasn’t even close, BUT it did make me slightly nervous at the time), and one-third attention to not letting my precious wedding bands slip off my finger and turn into a rainbow parrotfish’s lunch on the bottom of the sea.

In other words, it was incredibly silly of me to wear my rings on such an adventure.

Upon returning to our island, I found myself wishing during the rest our trip that I’d brought a ring box with my to stow them in on subsequent ocean excursions. (I ended up keeping them in a small plastic baggy inside our bungalow’s safe whenever we did something that included a chance I could lose them. This worked fine, but did risk scratching them. Not to mention the baggy felt a bit underdressed for the job.)

Long story short, in honor of engagement season and to help keep YOUR rings safe—and stylish—during your honeymoon, I’m thrilled to say that I’m  giving away the sweetest little ring box ever made: a Mrs. Box!

These velvet (swoon) beauties come in 34 custom colors—forget the traditional drab blacks and browns—and literally sparkle, making them the perfect way to display your most treasured baubles.

Even better?

If you’re the lucky winner, you can ask your photographer to capture your rings in your Mrs. Box on your wedding day for some stunning detail shots!

Giveaway fine print:

Smitten Honeymoon’s Mrs. Box giveaway is for one $85 gift card for a double ring box. This size includes space for both your engagement and wedding rings, rather than the single size box that has space for just one or the other.

With your gift card, you can select your favorite hue of velvet to ensure you receive the exact box you desire.

All Mrs. Boxes can be monogrammed for an additional cost, which you can choose to do at your own expense upon ordering. (Pick either your current initials or your soon-to-be initials if you will be taking a new last name!)

How to enter:

Step 1: Follow @smittenhoneymooons on Instagram

Step 2: On your Insta feed, share your proposal story with a photo of you and your future spouse. Be sure to use #smittenhoneymoons so I can find your entry!

Step 3: Earn a bonus entry for every friend you tag on the @smittenhoneymoons Instagram giveaway announcement who could use a Mrs. Box of her own!

Mr. Smitten will choose a winner Jan. 6 and announce the winner via Instagram!

Steps 1 and 2 MUST be completed in order to WIN!