Q&A: Mr. Smitten


Wooden shoes. Makeout sessions. Secret handshakes. As the husbabe embarks on his first trip to Europe for a U by Uniworld cruise on the Rhine River, he sat down for a Q&A with me about his hopes and hesitations for the vacay. Things got weird.

Q: We’ll be visiting France, The Netherlands and Germany. Is there one you’re looking forward to more than the others?

A: Germany and The Netherlands. Even if we weren’t taking this vacation, I’d have picked to visit these two at some point. My dad is German and Dutch, so I’ve wanted to see them.

Q: Is he more German or more Dutch?

A: Dutch. Did you know we used to always go to Tulip Fest in Iowa when my brother and I were little? It was always in the spring, and there were always a ton of tulips. We even got wooden shoes … real ones that actually fit. We brought them to show-and-tell at school. Can I buy wooden shoes in Amsterdam?

Q: Only if you bring them to show-and-tell at work.

A: Deal.

Q: This is your first trip to Europe. How are you feeling?

A: Good. A little nervous.

Q: About what?

A: I don’t speak French, Dutch or German, so I’d have to say communicating.

Q: Like navigating and ordering things at restaurants?

A: Yeah. But it’ll probably be a surprise every time I order something so I guess I’m not really worried about that.

Q: What’s one thing you can’t wait to experience?

A: How the Rhine compares to the Mississippi. We go boating all the time here, and I really don’t know what to expect for the cruise portion of the trip. I want to sit on the deck and take it all in.

Q: Will you meet the captain?

A: We will probably have a secret handshake by the time we leave.

Q: Very true. Are you ready for some rapid fire questions and answers?

A: Bring it on.

Q: What do you most want to eat?

A: Crepes in France.

Q: And drink?

A: Beer in Germany.

Q: And see?

A: Castles. And World War II museums and history.

Q: And do?

A: Makeout with my wife on the Eiffel Tower.

Q: Good answer.

A: Thank you.

Q: And buy?

A: Maybe a futbol jersey.