Padlocks of Love in Frankfurt

Locks of Love Bridge 2.jpg

Would you be surprised if I told you one of my favorite parts about visiting Frankfurt, Germany last month was a bridge?

Truly, it was.

Not because there weren’t plenty of other captivating sights, but because my experience on the bridge was one of those spontaneous, sweet moments you just can’t script.

When Mr. Smitten and I woke up in Frankfurt—our U by Uniworld cruise had left Rudesheim the night before, sailing to Germany’s financial capital while we slept—we were greeted with a perfect view of the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge), also known as the Padlock Bridge or Locks of Love Bridge.

The bridge is decorated with thousands of locks that lovers from around the world have placed on it over the years—perhaps a nuisance to city officials but beautiful to romantics like me. It reminded me of the Pont des Arts in Paris prior to 2015, when more than 1 million locks (45 tons) were removed to prevent the extra weight from damaging its structure.

The hubby and I hadn’t planned to walk across the Eiserner Steg, but after a morning of exploring Frankfurt’s historical old town and enjoying an Apfelwein next to the Main River, Mr. Smitten made an executive decision:

“Let’s check it out,” he said.

Not surprising, one of the first things we saw when we reached the top was, of course, a woman selling locks. I handed over three euros, asked if I could borrow her marker and then stood there stumped:

“What should we write on it?” I asked Mr. Smitten.

I had expected him to suggest we write our own names on it, or the city and the year. Instead, he said the four sweetest words:

“Write Jack and Meeka.”

Maybe it was the Apfelwein, or maybe it was how much I missed our fur babies after two weeks of traveling, but his answer decimated me, gave me all the feels, took all the cheesiness out of the saying “I fall more in love with you every day.”

It was a small moment—and exactly what I needed.

As you can imagine, of course I wrote J & M’s name on one side, then scribbled our own on the back. Once finished, I handed it to Mr. Smitten, who fastened it to a web of other locks. Then, we each made a wish on the two keys that had come with ours and threw them into the Main, adding a piece of our love story and our hopes for the future to a bridge already heaving with thousands.

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