Remarkable Honeymoons

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The perks of hiring a travel expert

For Mr. Smitten and me, our honeymoon was one of the most incredible experiences we have had away from home—and, I suspect, will remain that way.

After our whirlwind year of wedding planning, which also included buying our first house, switching careers, and starting a business, we were ecstatic to feel the wheels of our plane touch down in paradise, with nothing on our schedules but time for each other.

Simply put, our holiday as newlyweds was awesome—in the truest sense of the word. We vacationed in awe of our magical wedding day, in awe of the start of our married lives together, and in awe of the beauty surrounding us on our private island utopia. All of which afforded us the opportunity to reflect on everything that we’d recently experienced, and to connect emotionally, physically, and even spiritually.

Thinking about it still gives me goosebumps.

That said, I’m occasionally asked by those familiarizing themselves with Smitten Honeymoons, “Why should I work with a honeymoon consultant?”

Most of the time these potential clients cite the ubiquity of online booking engines and travel review sites, rationalizing that they can vacation at a lower cost by taking the reins of their honeymoon.

They’re correct.

To be completely transparent, it’s not uncommon for newly engaged couples to plan vacations themselves at lower rates than a professional travel consultant may quote a trip that he or she designs. This tactic works for some honeymooners, but not for couples desiring a truly luxe experience reflective of the significant commitment they are celebrating.

Many of the top properties a professional travel consultant has access to are not widely available on self-booking engines. When they are, they never include the special benefits—such as room upgrades, privileged services, and exclusive amenities—that a travel consultant works hard to secure for his or her clients through extensive relationship building, and that frequently are worth far more than the money people believe they save by planning a DIY honeymoon.

Not to mention the service honeymooners receive as VIP clients of a professional travel consultant, which is impeccable at the most elite properties around the world.

In other words, I’m an ardent believer that you get what you pay for.

I also value the honeymoon experience far too much to trust its design to someone other than an expert.

When you work with a professional honeymoon consultant, your destination already has been vetted, either by the consultant or by someone close to him or her in the designer’s deep network of travel professionals. He or she has experienced the properties and knows the locations, or has immediate access to someone who has and does—including insider information about the best restaurants and tours and need-to-know material about your passports, luggage, and even tipping guidelines.

They’re not willing to trust one of the most memorable moments in your life to potentially misleading photos or outdated reviews online.

Perhaps even more importantly, relying on a professional honeymoon consultant frees you from the minutiae of planning your own honeymoon on top of the stress of wedding planning. From the second your relationship status changes to fiancé or fiancée, elation abounds—and, when all is said and done, the timeframe of being engaged pirouettes by in a flurry. Trusting your honeymoon design to an expert allows you to better absorb the happiness surrounding your engagement, rather than feel overwhelmed by endless wedding and honeymoon planning.

It also ensures that if something unexpected happens on your honeymoon, like a missed connecting flight, a quick call, text, or email to your consultant shifts the issue from your hands to hers. She will take care of the rest, leaving you both more time to focus on what matters most—each other.

Me on my honeymoon.

Me on my honeymoon.