3 signs a Honeymoon Gift Registry is Right for You



It’s the adjective I’ve routinely heard family, friends, and clients use to describe registering for wedding gifts.

Having hundreds of products to choose from, already owning much of what they need, and feeling a nagging obligation to include certain items simply to lengthen their list—regardless of whether they really love them—can quickly drain the excitement from what may have sounded like a fun afternoon.

This, combined with a shift toward more and more people prioritizing experiences over things, has led to an increase in the popularity of honeymoon registries—websites where guests can contribute funds toward a couple’s dream vacation. Money can be gifted for specific bucket-list experiences the bride and groom want to enjoy together, or toward a general honeymoon fund the couple can spend however they’d like while abroad.

Sites like travelersjoy.com or zola.com (especially nice for those who want BOTH honeymoon and traditional registries) make it easy for soon-to-be newlyweds to build a page with their honeymoon information and travel wish-list. The couple's link can then be given out to wedding guests, who can access the registry and contribute any amount toward whatever experiences the couple has selected.

Methods by which a couple receives the gifted money varies by the site used to create the registry, but generally it’s immediately transferred to the couple’s bank account or held in a secure account until the couple requests a withdrawal prior to their honeymoon (or afterward if they’re using the funds to pay off the trip).

The hubs and I opted for this registry route prior to our wedding, and we’ve never regretted forgoing a more conventional one. No matter how much I adore Target and Crate & Barrel, I know I would have been the kind of bride exhausted by the process rather than energized by it.

In no particular order, here are three signs a honeymoon registry may be perfect for you and your fiancé, too.

You and the love of your life already own a home.

If you and the love of your life already own a home or have lived together for any length of time, it’s likely that you possess dishes, towels, and many of the items couples often register for in anticipation of their wedding day.

In this case—and if you aren’t looking to upgrade what you already own—opting for a honeymoon registry over a traditional one may be an ideal way to get what you really want, rather than another set of dishes that sits tucked away in a closet until your great aunt who gifted them to you visits three years from now.

Your dream honeymoon is just out of reach.

If your dream honeymoon is just out of financial reach, a honeymoon registry may be the ticket that gets you to paradise. For example, whenever you envision your honeymoon, are you soaking up views of an azure sea on the Amalfi Coast in Italy AND sipping wine in the rolling vineyards of Tuscany, but, in reality, your budget is telling you that you must choose one or the other? Having your wedding guests contribute to a honeymoon fund could mean you’d get to experience both.

The caveat here is that if you go ahead and book your dream honeymoon, you’ll have to pay for it regardless of how much your guests contribute toward your travel registry. Therefore, you do need to consider whether your guests will actually contribute the difference. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a tab you can’t afford.

One of the best ways to avoid this potential pitfall is to use the honeymoon registry for splurging on upgraded experiences above and beyond what you’re comfortable spending. For example, when you book your honeymoon, it may make sense to pick a gardenview room within your budget, and then on your honeymoon registry include an option for guests to contribute money toward upgrading your stay to an oceanview suite.

This approach ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your dream property without breaking the break, and anything your guests contribute toward upgrading your stay is simply icing on the cake.

That said, every couple has different priorities; an oceanview room may be nonnegotiable for you. In this case, you could use your registry to extend your stay in paradise, enjoy unique excursions, or any number of other things that would enhance your already perfect honeymoon.

If you’re looking for creative options, chat with your honeymoon consultant!

Your guests are over gifting blenders.

If your wedding party and guest list are comprised largely of the camp of people who believe in gifting experiences versus things, a honeymoon registry can provide them an opportunity to nail the perfect wedding present—both in their eyes and yours since you’re picking the experiences you want gifted and they are choosing from an amazing array of options you’ve selected.

Moreover, wedding guests tend to spend more on gifts they feel strongly about, making it likely that your wine-loving girlfriends are going to splurge on the private tour and tasting in Tuscany than on a new set of guest room sheets.