Travel insurance Q&A

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Do I really need travel insurance?

I can’t stress enough how highly I recommend all my clients purchase travel insurance. Purchasing it for your honeymoon (and other travel more generally) should be as second nature as packing your sunglasses and passport prior to your departure.

Why do I need it?

Life is unpredictable.

Having travel insurance can help make stressful moments more manageable, whether they be smaller disappointments—like missing a connecting flight—or larger emergencies—like suffering an illness while abroad.

At its most basic, trip insurance provides peace of mind that you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

What does it cover?

It’s important to keep in mind that benefits vary between travel insurance policies and providers. However, here are some of the most common:

Trip cancellation or interruption:

Depending on the plan, most good travel insurance policies—the kinds offered by travel professionals—reimburse travelers for prepaid, nonrefundable expenses when a vacation must be canceled for a covered reason. Covered reasons are different between policies, but many include:

  • Death, injuries, and illnesses before or during travel—whether yours, a travel companion’s, or a loved one’s who is not traveling with you (meaning if you have to interrupt your trip and return home to be with them, you can)
  • NOAA National Hurricane Center Warnings
  • Revocation of previously approved time off from work by your employer
  • Traffic accidents en route to departure
  • Burglary of your home within a certain timeframe of your travel departure
  • School-year extensions
  • Your home or destination becoming uninhabitable (because of fires, floods, etc.).

Other situations commonly covered under travel insurance:

  • Emergency evacuation, medical repatriation, and return of remains
  • Medical treatment
  • Lost baggage
  • Rental car damage
  • Expenses incurred due to delayed flights and missed connections
  • Non-insurance services, such as ID replacement, legal assistance, lost baggage retrieval, and more.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Policies are based on the total price of a vacation, meaning price tags of policies vary between trips. Once you start working with a travel consultant, he or she can easily provide you with a quote.

When should I purchase travel insurance?

To receive certain benefits, some policies must be purchased within a certain timeframe of booking your trip—often two to three weeks of placing your initial vacation deposit. Your travel consultant can help you better understand this timeframe and what benefits you may miss out on by delaying buying insurance.

A good rule of thumb is to simply plan on buying your policy when you place your trip deposit.

Are you in the habit of buying travel insurance before your vacations?