Save time on your honeymoon with TSA Precheck

Save time on your honeymoon with TSA Precheck

Earlier this summer, I finally got TSA Precheck. While I might be one of the last people on Earth to have enrolled—after all, the program has been around since 2013—the closest processing facility to me is more than an hour away. Simply put, I just never made the time to apply, despite flying fairly often.

I had the chance to experience all the glory of being a bona-fide member of the TSA Precheck club recently en route to Tahiti, and I’m happy to say that it was worth every minute it took to enroll. This said, if you’re like me and have been putting it off—STOP. Especially if you travel multiple times per year.

My first time using it, I waited less than 5 minutes to get through security, whereas the regular lines had a wait-time of more than 35 minutes. I also got to keep my shoes on my tootsies and my laptop and liquids stowed in my carry-on while being screened.

If you’re looking for a faster way to get through security before your honeymoon or destination wedding and still don’t have TSA precheck, here’s how to snag it:


Visit the application site and complete the online form. It’s pretty basic and only takes a few minutes.


Schedule an in-person interview at your nearest enrollment center. You can simply enter your zip code here to find the closest location. Choose an available time and schedule your appointment. It states online that the appointment takes 10 minutes. Mine took half of that, if not less. In other words, it’s definitely not an interview to stress about. Expect to be finger printed, have a photo snapped, and pay your $85 processing fee.


Wait to find out if your application has been approved. I received confirmation by email three business days after my in-person interview and a letter in the mail the following week. Easy peasy. And so worth it.

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