Inspiration: Unconventional & Unforgettable

Raise your hand if when you think about your honeymoon you find yourself imagining a vacation that is spectacular and out of the ordinary but still an authentic representation of your relationship (i.e. personalized).

Now, wave your raised hand around in the air if you know that vacation exists but you can’t quite picture the details—yet.

If you’re reading this and have a shiny diamond on your left ring finger, then I know you look a little silly waving your arm around in the air right now. The good news? I see your hand, and this post is for you! 

As part of a three-country getaway, I recently booked some love birds on a brand-new experience: a U by Uniworld European river cruise! (If you’re thinking, ‘Get with it, Amy, European river cruising has been around forever,’ you’re right. River cruising is not new, but it’s never been done like this!)

U by Uniworld is an innovative experience specifically designed for millennials (though guests outside of this age range are welcome aboard). The brand's ships are touted as: “part boutique hotel, part yacht, part resort,” so for anyone who knows how much I love a great boutique hotel, you can see why I’m so enthusiastic for this unique experience.

In no particular order, here are some more reasons why a U by Uniworld river cruise *may* be the perfect honeymoon option for any couple infatuated with the idea of a European honeymoon.

Romantic and storied destinations. Paris. Rouen. Amsterdam. Cologne. Frankfurt. Vienna. Budapest. Some of Europe’s most iconic and storied cities are stops on the handful of itineraries available. Can you imagine celebrating the start of your marriage under the Eiffel Tower, at the Palace of Versailles, on the cliffs of Étretat, Deauville Beach, and Claude Monet’s gardens all on your honeymoon—and only having to unpack once?

Effortless travel. Speaking of only unpacking once, there’s no other experience that allows you to visit so many destinations and avoid having to unpack, repack, navigate transportation, check-in to your new hotel, unpack, repeat, repeat, repeat…

The ships. Named The A and The B, U by Uniworld’s ships boast three different room categories from which couples can choose: studios, balconies, and suites. Moreover, their interior—chic and modern—is anything but stuffy. (Note: The A cruises on the Rhine through The Netherlands and Central Europe, while The B calls the Seine home and navigates France. Bonjour!)

“When your waterfront hotel is also your taxi, bar, favorite restaurant, nightclub, and yoga studio, travel becomes a bit more relaxed and a lot more hassle-free. Onboard, you can expect everything you’d find in your favorite boutique hotel. But here’s the best part: Your floating boutique hotel makes it extra easy to visit several European destinations in a single trip while only having to unpack once.”

Tailored itineraries. While the port cities on the cruises are not customizable, every minute on and off ship is yours. This means that even though the stops offer a variety of immersive—and totally fun—experiences, if you want to stay aboard the ship and relax or just explore independently with your new hubby or wife you can.

Anything but boring. I mentioned that some of the activities passengers can take part in are immersive and fun, and I mean it. Have you heard of blokarting? (Think go cart meets sailboat!) You can try it on a beach in Amsterdam. Are you a Game of Thrones fan? You can enjoy a Riesling wine tasting at Eberbach Monastery in Germany, one of the show’s filming locations. Want to get your heart pumping? Try sea kayaking, rock climbing, or paragliding. The cruises also offer plenty of shopping, culinary experiences, and historical tours, so there is something for everybody.

Travel tip: Want to see even more on your honeymoon than included on U's itineraries? Work with your honeymoon consultant on a pre- or post-cruise stay in another destination! (For example, a pre-cruise week in France followed by a U by Uniworld cruise through The Netherlands and Germany.)

(Photos and video courtesy of U by Uniworld)

If you've never considered a river cruise before, what hesitations do you have about the experience?