Unexpected perks of hiring a travel advisor for your honeymoon

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I love helping bring couple’s honeymoon and destination wedding dreams to life. Like, blueberry-cheesecake-for-dessert, snuggle-with-my-puppies, fall-asleep-listening-to-the-ocean love it.

While the highlights tend to center on big-ticket items, such as finding the perfect boutique hotel or romantic excursion for newlyweds, there are countless other subtle ways Smitten Honeymoons makes planning and traveling as effortless and memorable as possible. After all, sometimes it’s the little things that matter most.

Here are some of my favorite under-the-radar ways I’ve enhanced my clients’ honeymoons and/or destination weddings.

Staying on top of airline hiccups

When it comes to flying, often there’s no rhyme or reason as to whether the experience will be seamless or potentially plagued by hiccups. While I pray to the Delta, Air France, Emirates and other plane Gods, delays, cancellations and other issues are impossible to thwart 100 percent of the time.

When one couple’s connecting flight was cancelled due to striking airline workers in that city, I re-booked the clients’ flights so they were able to connect in a different city and avoid the stress of a cancelled connection altogether. Another time, when a couple’s connecting flight was cancelled after their first one had departed, I was able to reserve them a hotel room in their connecting city so they didn’t have to worry about trying to do so from 30,000 feet or upon arrival. If you must wait until morning for the next flight out, you might as well pass the time in a comfy hotel rather than the airport.

Watching the weather

During a couple’s honeymoon in Europe, the forecast called for heavy rain one afternoon—a day on which the newlyweds had scheduled an amazing outdoor activity involving a picnic and palaces. With only 24 hours until the scheduled excursion, I sent them a handful of other options to consider that would keep them warm and dry. No need to get soaked. No need to miss out on an afternoon of sightseeing.

Arranging surprise gifts from family and friends

Occasionally, family members or friends of couples I’m working with reach out for ideas on how to gift their loved ones something special on their honeymoon. Depending on what type of gift they want to provide, I’ve helped parents designate part of their wedding gift to their son or daughter as a honeymoon room credit for dining, beverages, excursions and spa treatments; friends arrange gift cards to be delivered to the couple’s room; and other family members organize bucket-list experiences like a pasta-making class in Italy. The surprise itself is memorable, but when my newlyweds find out that their family or friends were involved it’s extra sweet.

Answering all your questions

What type outlets are in your rooms? Do you have shower caps? What about hair dryers? Can you order Pepsi at your bar? Oh, the things I’ve called hotels and restaurants to ask on behalf of clients. Sometimes, it’s to confirm the answer. Other times, it’s because I have no idea what the answer is. Always, it’s an easy way to make sure my couples have all the information they need to fulfill their honeymoon dreams.

Protecting your investment

Sometimes, love is messy. When a couple decided to not move forward with their wedding, and, hence, wanted to cancel their honeymoon, I helped them work with their travel insurance provider to recoup as much as their non-refundable travel costs as possible. They ended up saving thousands of dollars. (One more reason to snag your travel insurance, friends!) It’s not a situation I would wish upon anybody, but I found comfort in the fact that I was able to help make a difficult season in their lives a tiny bit less heartbreaking.

Details are so important, especially when it comes to traveling, honeymooning and getting married in a destination wedding. Comment below with the one thing you think your travel advisor could do to make planning and traveling extra special!